Refund Policy

For hotel rooms booked under the VACATION PURCHASE AGREEMENT the right to cancel your hotel room booking, applicable cancellation charge and no-show charge are set out in the terms and conditions applicable to that specific hotel offer. The customer will be at liberty to raise any issue of dissatisfaction for his yearly stay of 7 days and 6 nights per year and any amount paid through Credit Card/Debit card/Net banking or any other online, offline mode to the company for availing the individual stay facility during vacations within 10 days of availing such the services. The refund will subject to deduction of administrative charges, ASF and GST.
Applicable cancellation policy and no-show charge will be shown on your booking confirmation.
This Refund Policy shall not be applicable to the VACATION PURCHASE AGREEMENT separately executed between the grandholidayparkvacation & Suites Private Limited and each individual Customer and obligations of performance of the terms and conditions of the same by the signatories to the agreement.
The relationship of the customer with the grandholidayparkvacation & Suites Private Limited shall be solely governed by the VACATION PURCHASE AGREEMENT with regard to the jurisdiction & dispute resolution mechanisms provided thereunder. No claim of refundshall be entertained in any circumstances in respect of the amount paid for purchase of the vacations.
It is specifically declaredand made clear to the user of this website that any refund request in respect of the purchase of a fixed period vacations for stay of customer and his family members for stay of 7 days and 6 nights per year shall be strictly in accordance with the terms of the VACATION PURCHASE AGREEMENT and customer shall not be entitled to raise any dispute or request for refund for any payment made by Credit Card to the company in discharge his/her legal obligations set out in the VACATION PURCHASE AGREEMENT.